Eliza with Elizabeth (left) and Florence (right). Elizabeth looks around 1 year old so I am guessing the year to be 1901. Florence looks about 2
This would be about the time of the 1901 Census, when they lived at 29 Seafield Old Road. The census report has no mention of Alfred, naming only Eliza, Florence and Elizabeth, so I am guessing that he was either at sea, or at a naval base

1905 - 1910

Eliza with Elizabeth (left) and Florence (right). The guess at the year would be 1905, with Elizabeth 4 and Florence 7 years old.   By now the family has grown and Eliza now about 36 has three boys to keep the girls company. Eliza is now 10? making the year 1910. On Eliza's knee is baby George. Behind Elizabeth in the middle is Jack and Harold. Florence looks just like Pamela!

1905 - 1920?


A close-up from the picture above.

Elizabeth now aged 2?

Florence now aged 2?

1905 - 1918?


Rose,  Jack,  Mary
Kate sitting, Ruby

  Great Nan Taylor, Harold Taylor, Maud Taylor (wife of Harold), the first bridesmaid is unknown, but the second one is Mary Martin, Great Grandad Taylor, the woman beside him is unknown.    

Great Nan Mary Hindry, Grandad Hindry, Nan Hindry holding Ruby

Verdun Grimes and Jack Hindry - Ruby, Kate, Nanny Hindry, Rose, Joyce Taylor
Pat Hindry, (Bobby, Ronny, Peter and Lenny) Palmer